Hey working mama’s, Lets talk!

1. A constant struggle to be responsible for managing the responsibilities of our home, finances, and families, with little or no time outside of work.

2. People closest to us don’t always understand the pressure of juggling a demanding career, in addition to being mom.

3. Finding any time for ourselves is a big challenge. HUGE!

4. Sometimes we can feel guilty just for wanting to take time for ourselves when there is always something that needs to be done.

As a mom who works a lot of long hours I’ve had to take a hard look at how to carve out some time for me. I thought it was okay for the longest time to put my needs on the back burner until one day I took a hard look at myself. I had put on weight, could never find any time for the gym, and I was unhappy with how I felt. I needed a change.

I started working out at home with 30 minute workouts. I began to meal prep to give myself time back during the busy weeknights. I joined an online accountability group. In the beginning, I felt selfish for even wanting to do something for me, I had to work hard at convincing myself not to give up. As the pounds started coming off, I felt encouraged and proud and then over time something amazing happened. I realized I had become a better wife and a better mother because I was selfish. I was no longer resentful and instead felt accomplished that I managed to find a good balance. I’m now the strongest, best, most confident version of myself I’ve ever been, because I decided I was worth being selfish for. And I want YOU to realize you can be just as selfish and feel great about it!

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