A 5 STEP group programme to transform your relationship with Food and your Body

Do you struggle to stick to your food and eating plans or resolutions?
Do you sometimes feel like you have little control or willpower when it comes to certain foods ? Do you feel dissatisfied with your body and compare yourself to others or to a past version of yourself ? Do you often feel like there is a disconnect between your mind and your body ? (Your mind knows what is best to eat but the body drives you to eat other things?)

If you’ve answered yes, then you’re not alone. In a recent survey in Australia, 82% of women said they felt dissatisfied with their body, and 50% admitted that overeating, emotional eating or binge eating was a problem for them

What if you could learn a new way of relating to food and your body that would bring you happiness, peace and pleasure in food and in your body, no matter your size?

In this unique & ground breaking 5 month programme you will learn how to:

  • Release self sabotaging beliefs & harmful thought patterns that contribute to weight gain
  • Release self sabotaging beliefs & harmful thought patterns that contribute to weight gain
  • Heal unwanted eating habits and develop sustainable & healthy ones
  • Liberate yourself from criticism, judgement and shame
  • Feel completely comfortable & confident in your own skin
  • Learn to value yourself for who you truly authentically are
  • Create a peaceful and uplifting relationship with food & your body
  • Claim your natural & rightful weight


The program was designed to help you create a new way of relating to food and your body that will bring peace, happiness and pleasure to your life, whilst we continue to focus on your weight loss goals (if indeed you have them). During our time together you will share a non-judgemental and safe space with myself and a group of like-minded women on the same journey.  Through a combination of learning and coaching, the implementation of new concepts & ideas and breakthrough exercises you will gain deep personal insight into your own barriers, blocks and unhelpful behaviours & thought patterns. You will also receive strategies & tools for transformation & change, and I will support you throughout this transformational process.

You will also receive:

  • 2 online group sessions per month of 90 mins each  – a total of 10 group sessions
  • 5x 60 minute one-on-one coaching/hypnotherapy sessions with Louise (via phone/zoom). These sessions will be highly focused and used for clarification, strategy and transformation.
  • Monthly modules, resources, handouts, videos, training and more
  • An individualised nutritional plan based on your particular constitutional type
  • A private Facebook group for sharing and support
  • Unlimited email support from Louise


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This programme is only run twice/year