Are you frustrated by the same old patterns that keep recurring again and again, and tired of the impact they are having on your life?
Ready to take the steps towards permanent change?
If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you are in the right place.

Living with these negative patterns can deeply affect our quality of life. Without help, we can be left feeling isolated, overwhelmed and desperate. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a safe and effective way to make lasting change without having to be in therapy for years.

Enter Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural and powerful therapeutic tool. It works with the unconscious mind to release negative and unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours, and replace them with positive and helpful ones. For many, the perception of Hypnotherapy is that of stage hypnosis, where the Hypnotist has ‘çontrol’ of the audience. Clinical Hypnosis couldn’t be more different. You are always in control, able to speak, and you cannot be co-oerced into doing anything against your will. It’s relaxing, safe and it is fine to work or drive afterwards

It’s powerful

Hypnosis is powerful because it works with the unconscious mind to facilitate change. During hypnosis, you are more receptive to positive suggestions for change. This trance like state also helps these messages become embedded into the unconscious mind, leading to changes in behaviour and thought patterns

Research shows it works

Numerous clinical trials have found Hypnotherapy is able reduce the symptoms of a broad range of psychological (and physical) conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, stress and compulsive behaviour. This is by no means a guarantee, but it indicates that most people are very likely to benefit in some way.

What happens during a Hypnotherapy Session with Louise?

During each session, some time will be spent talking and exploring, and around 20-30 minutes will be spent in Hypnosis – which is both relaxing and calming. Most people leave their sessions feeling inspired, motivated yet calm and grounded.

What can I expect to achieve?

This type of therapy is typically brief, and most people tend to achieve a result within 3-4 sessions (although you should already see some progress after session 1). Hypnotherapy is powerful, but it’s unusual for change to be effected overnight. To ensure lasting change, some practical tasks may need to be carried out on your part

Who does Hypnotherapy work best for?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is most effective for those that are ready and motivated to make changes in their life. This form of Hypnotherapy is very powerful, and new patterns and behaviours will become permanent more quickly if you listen again to the recording in the days following your hypnotherapy session.

Louise helps people with the following kinds of challenges:

  • Weight Loss & Eating-related issues
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Compulsive behaviour
  • Quit Smoking/drinking

Obligation free

We really want you to be confident that this is the type of therapeutic alliance you’d like to enter into, one where we work together to achieve the outcomes you have set for yourself. With this in mind, we offer the first 20 minutes of your first appointment as obligation free. If, after this time, you feel that this type of therapy is not for you, then you are free to leave without any obligation whatsoever. If however, you feel that you will benefit, then we start working together and tackling the issues there and then.

What are the next steps?

To book an appointment time at the North Sydney or Wahroonga clinics, please call 0406 680 463. For those outside of the Sydney area, skype sessions are also available. To book a Zoom/Skype appointment, please call 0406 680 463 or email


Feel free to email Louise should you have any questions about your particular issues or challenges