Each new year brings new energy, and for many of us, it offers the opportunity for change – to shift or transform those aspects of ourselves or our lives that we deem less desirable. A few years ago I came upon some research that indicated that close to 99% of new year’s resolutions fall away in the first few months, so that year I decided I would try a different way. I used the new year as an opportunity to ask myself a series of meaningful & practical questions, focusing less on aspects that I wanted to change, and more on how I wanted to enhance my life – how I could add to it rather than change it. I have found this method to be far more useful – and insightful – than just setting resolutions.

Asking the right questions in 2018

I have posted these questions before, but I’d like to share them again because I find that they are incredibly powerful in helping me get clarity on my yearly goals & aspirations. Here are the questions I ask (and journal the answers to) at the start of each new year. They are adapted from questions used in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and were created by Tony Robbins.

• What in my life do I really want? (Vision)
• What is important about it? (Values, Meaning)
• How will I go about getting it? (Methods)
• What is standing in my way? (Obstacles)
• How will I know I am successful? (Measurement)

These questions are different to a New Years resolution because they give meaning and weight to our vision. They help focus us on what we truly desire, and allow us to see more clearly the bigger picture of what is truly meaningful for us rather than have us focus on aspects we would like to change, in isolation. NLP has shown that our chances of success are greatly enhanced when we ask ourselves questions in this specific way. In fact, these questions can be used at any time of the year, when searching for clarity and focus.

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